Mr. Jeyasingam Ratnasingam, MBA (Human Resource Management), has vast experience and an abundance of knowledge in the field of administration and enforcement of Malaysian Customs laws, regulations and related procedures. He has more than 35 years of experience in the Royal Malaysian Customs Department. He has served hands-on in various divisions of the Department namely; the Import / Export at the Air Cargo Subang International Airport, Kuala Lumpur Sales Tax; Taiping Industries; Ipoh Industries / Free Industrial Zone and the Passenger Examination and Cargo Division at the Penang International Airport. He was also actively involved in the Subang International Airport Air Cargo User Task Force Team that developed the Customs Information System (SMK), Air Mode between 1994 – 1996

He has also conducted numerous trainings for the benefit of the manufacturing and service sectors in areas of Customs laws, regulations and related procedures. He was also a panel lecturer for the Forwarding Agents’ Basic Course conducted by the Customs Department in collaboration with the Penang Freight Forwarders Association and with the Institute of Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, (FMM) Northern Branch.

He was the Head of Customs Division of the Free Commercial Zone Division at the Second Air Cargo Complex (MAB), Penang International Airport for four (4) years and as the Head of the Post Import Audit Division, Ipoh, as Senior Assistant Director of Customs. Upon retirement in May 2011, he worked as Logistics and Compliance Manager with World Micro Components (M) Sdn. Bhd. for two years.

He is currently also a HRDF registered Trainer and Customs Consultant with RAKAN Consultancy PLT. He is also registered as trainer with Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) Perak, FFM Institute Perak, MICCI Perak Branch, FMM Selangor, FMM Johor, FMM Kedah/Perlis, FMM Malacca, FMM Penang, FMM Institute Kuala Lumpur and FMM Eastern Branch (Pahang, Kelantan & Terengganu). He is also a Trainer for numerous Training Providers & Consultancy firms in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Sarawak / Sabah covering vast areas of Customs formalities including Malaysian Sales & Service Tax 2018; its Fundamentals, Mechanisms and Its Requirements For Various Sectors such as Sales Tax Manufacturers, Licenced Manufacturing Warehouses, manufacturers in the Free Industrial Zones and Other Specific Sectors, as requested.






To be one of Malaysia’s best by helping clients fulfil their Royal Malaysian Customs’ legislative, regulatory and procedural compliance towards best practices.


To provide interactive high value learning and tailored-made consultancy that will bring effective results for increased employee's performance and productivity for our clients and their customers.

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To Provide Effective Training, Consultative Advisories, and Solutions towards Excellence with Continuous Improvement.


  • Jeya brings a sense of dedication and strength of character to every endeavor he pursues. I had the opportunity to work directly with Jeya during 8 months as Operations Manager on a facility expansion project in World Micro's first Global facility outside the US. Jeya's considerable knowledge of Supply Chain Logistics and Compliance provided critical assistance in setting up our new location in Penang, Malaysia. He is a strategic thinker and dedicated worker. I am proud to recommend Jeya as a business colleague and friend.

    • Chris Brooks
    • Quality Manager / QMS Management Rep - World Micro Components
  • I have engaged Jeyasingam as our consultant to facilitate the application for our second "Private Bonded Warehouse License". Jeyasingam is a team player and a walking dictionary when it comes to customs matter! I would not hesitate to recommend Jeyasingam to any organisation as a consultant for customs matter.

    • Hon Leong
    • General Manager - Hagemeyer Malaysia
  • Mr. Jeyasingam is a man of integrity and trustworthiness in character with a strong sense of professional dedication in his work. His 34 years experience in the Royal Malaysian Customs, as the Senior Assistant Director of Customs at retirement, has given him a wealth of knowledge in customs matters; he is especially well-versed in the customs related legal, regulatory and procedural matters. Jeya is a walking encyclopaedia in this respect, as he is able to unravel the complexity of the customs codification and come up with solutions, often saving costs, for someone facing challenges in clearing their shipment. I highly recommend Mr Jeyasingam for his service and advice.

    • Eng Kee, Ngion
    • Director, New Vantage (HK) Ltd. and Qingdao New Vantage Consulting Co. Ltd.
  • A person who is very proactive and have high knowledge abt customs procedures and regulations.

    • Sahathevan Thevan
    • Customs Supritendent at Royal Malaysian Customs


His achievements thus far:

Training topics covered

Training received at the Royal Malaysian Customs Academy at Malacca and other ad-hoc courses

World Micro Components

Mr Jeyasingam R was head hunted by an American Electronics distributor company; World Micro Components (M) Sdn. Bhd., Penang in June 2010. The company brought him in on an advisory basis for a period of 4 months, in relation to customs and logistics matters. In October 2010, he joined the company on a full-time basis as a Quality Manager.

In December 2010, he obtained the professional qualification of Independent Distributors Electronics Association (IDEA) ICE-3000 Professional Examination Certification. Subsequently, in May 2011, he was re-designated as Logistics and Compliance Manager to handle all aspects of Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing and Customs matters including giving training and awareness on company-related Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) mechanism and activities. This was mainly due to the fact that the company was impressed with his sense of strong dedication towards work and abundance of knowledge in customs related matters such as legal, regulatory and procedural matters.