'Subject Matter Expert'

RAKAN Consultancy PLT has the 'Subject Matter Expertise' on Customs and SST legislative, regulatory and procedural requirements, provides effective consultancy, training and solutions towards excellence.

RAKAN CONSULTANCY PLT is HRDF registered. All trainings are SBL Claimable.

With 35 years hands-on work experience in the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, the Consultant, Jeyasingam Ratnasingam, at RAKAN Consultancy PLT, most definitely has the ‘subject matter expertise’ on Customs related matters of Import, Export, Transhipment, Bonded Warehouse, Free Zone, Strategic Trade and other aspects of customs related logistics and Total Supply Chain including electronic cigarette and products related to Excise Regulations 1977. RC provides consultancies and advisories in all aspects of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department’s regimes including that of Sales and Services Tax 2018 and Excise Regulations 1977, catering towards providing solutions to all your potential Total Supply Chain and Logistics needs, in tandem with the RMCD’s trade facilitations.

RAKAN Consultancy PLT (RC) also provides in-house and public training.

Practical knowledge complete with the required skill sets and abilities are a vital part in effectively completing tasks and responsibilities delegated to us and thus working towards realizing Company’s aims, objectives, and compliances.

A sound knowledge of the respective subject matter provides the individual the confidence in yielding good results, cost savings, avoiding unwarranted penalties and non-compliances, thus contributing towards company’s high-performance level. To achieve this, we need to seek and understand the Customs regulatory and procedural matters including that of Excise regulations. Therefore, it is imperative that manufacturing companies, importers, exporters, traders and enterprises enjoying the various facilities and approved duty/tax exemptions, fully understand the conditions imposed and the procedures that need to be adhered to, so as to ensure good sound practices and compliances.

The training topics can be catered to meet the training needs of individual companies. The training would also be a sound platform to clarify and understand, actual issues highlighted and address their concerns.

The trainings and discussions will be designed to impart knowledge on related matters deeply concerning companies and their employees. This would help them to better understand and to comply with the legislations, regulatory requirements and avoid breaches of procedures and conditions of granted approvals.

Solutions towards Customs Facilities & Compliance of its Formalities

Numerous solutions are provided by RC, catered to customer’s requirements.

RAKAN Consultancy PLT (RC) provides comprehensive tailor-made solutions and support to assist clients in optimizing the numerous trade facilitation made available by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department including the Ministry of Finance. It includes both the learning and the applications of these various customs trade facilitation.

Amongst the few are:

  • Application and approval of Licensed Manufacturing Warehouses for export-oriented manufacturing companies under Section 65/65A Customs Act 1967.
  • Application and approvals of Private or Public Licensed (bonded) Warehouses under Section 65 Customs Act 1967.
  • Utilization of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) facilitates, Its Mechanism and Customs Formalities at Free Commercial Zone (Airports & Seaports) as approved by Ministry of Finance Malaysia.
  • Preparation of Internal Compliance Program (ICP) Manual under the Strategic Trade Act 2010 and the Application for its Bulk & Multiple Permits.
  • Application for Excise licence under Section 20, Excise Act 1976 for the manufacture of ‘e-liquid / jell for electronic cigarette not containing nicotine. (e-Liquid).
  • Application for Duty Exemptions on Raw materials and machinery/component by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and Royal Malaysia Customs Department.
  • Application for Advance Ruling on Classification of Goods Under the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (Harmonized System) 2017.
  • Application for Refund of duty paid erroneously and drawbacks on goods imported / manufactured under Section 93 and 99 Customs Act 1967 respectively.
  • Other customs facilities tailored to your needs.


RAKAN Consultancy PLT (RC) provides comprehensive tailor-made solutions and support to assist clients in optimizing the numerous trade facilitation made available by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department including the Ministry of Finance. It includes both the learning and the applications of these various customs trade facilitation.

Solutions vide interactive consultative sessions are made available to optimize your corporate business goals/targets, projects, processes and deliverables including formulating solutions that ensures measurable and quantifiable reductions to your correct duty and tax responsibilities, including identifying the most appropriate Customs Regime to support your business strategy.

Areas of Advisories on Customs facilities and compliance of its formalities:


Training Services (In-house & Public)

Are your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) effectively brought up to par by a person who has 35 years hands-on Custom's Subject Matter Expertise?

These are crucial to ones’ job requirements, thus ensuring effective task accomplishments. Below are amongst the varied topics on Customs including Sales Tax Regulatory and procedural matters which can be tailored to your individual training needs:

Related Information

While many companies take great pains to reduce the costs of raw materials, labor, overhead and transportation, they often overlook the unwarranted millions of ringgits in customs duties and taxes that erode profits. More often than not, companies spend considerably more unnecessary / unwarranted monies on customs duties and sales tax than they should. It is vital for importers, exporters and the overall trade community to realize that customs duties and sales tax are not fixed costs and can, in fact, be lawfully minimised and optimized with proper research, structuring and guided planning by experience personnel.

RAKAN Consultancy PLT (RC) provides a full range of advisory services to assist and advise on all aspects of your international trade practices and the Malaysian SST implementation. As your Customs Consultant, RAKAN Consultancy will bring compliance and savings together, to benefit your business and its continuous growth.

All RC clients enjoy the provision of extensive training as an integral part of our service. Detailed training is provided for all the modules related in customs matters inclusive of latest SST initiatives including excise duty matters. In-house trainings, a preferred choice can be held the client's premises.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax, is a single stage tax, is levied at the import or manufacturing levels. It is a mandatory requirement that all manufacturers of taxable goods are licensed under the Sales Tax Act 2018. Companies with a sales turnover of less than RM100,000 could apply for a certificate of exemption from licensing. Under the Sales Tax Act, licensed manufacturers are to levy Sales Tax on their sales of taxable outputs.

Service Tax

Service Tax is a form of indirect tax imposed on certain prescribed goods and services in Malaysia including foods, drinks and tobacco, or sometimes called "taxable services". Professional and consultancy services providers, be it the professional firms or persons, like accountants, lawyers, engineers, architect, insurance companies, and so on, are subject to the service tax on the taxable services. However, the service tax cannot be levied on any services that are not in the list of prescribed services.


Since opening our doors in April 2009, beginning under RAKAN Management Services we have worked with a varied range of organizations.

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